We Make Technology of The Future

Headquartered in Denver Colorado BitBoss is an international team of gaming experts, blockchain innovators, and technologists building technology to power the future of gaming and the new internet.

Gaming Experts

Gaming isn't a side note for BitBoss, we have years of experience in traditional gaming environments. It is from this experience that we saw the value new distributed technology could bring.

Blockchain Innovators

We don't just use blockchain, we push it forward. Our cryptography team has deep knowledge of the inner working of blockchains, have contributed to public blockchain node software, and created new patent pending technology.

Enterprise Architects

Our architects bring experience from telecommunications, healthcare, and government systems to make sure our systems have the scalability and security to perform in the most demanding environments.

System Integrators

Using the technology of the future doesn't mean you have to leave all your hard work behind. We work hard to make sure our shiny new tech can be used to improve legacy platforms without the need to completely replace them.

The Team

Makers of the cool stuff

Matt Dickson

CEO & Founder

Alex Shore

CTO & Founder

Josh Robinson

Chief Architect & Founder

Justin Laue

Chief Engineer & Founder

Cortland Langworthy

Marketing Guy & Founder

Roman Tiutiunnyk

Project Manager

Dima Simonov

Frontend Master

Maxim Baykalov

Android Guru

Eugene Pokotylo

Public Relations